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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Is it possible to have a “taster” of the group before joining?

A1) Yes, after you register an interest in joining Cascade, you will be sent a user name and log in details for the members  area by email.    You will be able to try events (max three events) in a two month period.

Q2) What sort of people join Cascade?

A2) ‘Anyone who is single can join. Most members are aged 50+ and come from many diverse backgrounds. As our events are held across Greater Manchester and beyond, some form of transport is desirable in order to gain maximum benefit.

Q3) Is hosting an event compulsory?

A3) Hosting is not compulsory, but we do encourage it as hosting benefits all members by providing interesting and exciting events.   The ethos of the group is ‘run by members for the members’.

Q4) Do I have to host an event on my own?

A4) No, you can organise an event with another member.  There are members who will be a ‘buddy’ with you for your first event.

Q5) Why do we have to book early?

A5) As soon as the host starts to receive firm bookings for their event, it gives them the confidence to continue. Obviously we use the services of a lot of small businesses that in turn need adequate warning if we cannot fulfil a provisional booking. There is nothing worse than a flurry of bookings arriving after the “cut-off” date by which time the host may have decided to cancel.

Q6) How much does it cost to join?

A6) The Annual Membership Fee is £24:00

Q7) Does the club have rules?

A7) Yes – please see the Constitution page.

Q8) How do I find out about events taking place?

A8) Our Events Diary giving full details of events is available to all members via the exclusive members’ only area on the Cascade website.   Alternatively, a precis of events can be viewed by accessing  ‘Events for non members’ button.

What Our Members Say: