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Member Testimonial – Rose

“I am a founder member of the Book Group and for several years we have been meeting on a monthly basis. At the start of each year we each nominate a couple of books and create a shortlist of varied reading some of which I enjoy more than others! I am an avid reader so I always have a couple of books on the go and it is good to be able to meet with friends who have a shared interest and swap books. We meet every month and discuss our thoughts about the characters and lots of other things too as we have become good friends. At the end of the year we create a list of recommended reads for all Cascade members so look out for our next list.” 

Rose from Stretford (September 2016)

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"Irene again organised our 2017 Christmas Party, held at a local golf club. A


"We offer 4 to 6 mile walks mainly in the Cheshire area. These are